Introducing A Safe And Modern Alternative To Sleeping Pills, SleepCogni

Let me tell you about a hot new product, SleepCogni, that really got me interested myself. There’s a campaign going on right now on Kickstarter where you can back up this project. Read more about SleepCogni below. I guarantee you will be impressed.

Sleep problems

Many of us suffer from insomnia and this is a problem that can put a serious mark on the quality of our lives and on our relationships. Not being able to sleep and relax will make us more tired, our efficiency at work will decrease and the relationships with the people around us will suffer because of the accumulated stress and irritability.

Insomnia and sleeping pills

Almost one third of us suffer from insomnia and the causes are divers. Whatever the causes of the sleepless nights are; many people resort to sleeping pills. However, this isn’t the best choice, because there are many side effects to consider and one of the most important of them is that they cause addiction.

This means that when you start using on a daily basis sleeping pills, your body will get used to them and you will not be able to fall asleep again without them. This is a big problem and the reason why the experts searched for another option. Soon after this problem was brought into the light, the SleepCogni was launched and millions of people are forgetting about their sleeping problems and sleeping pills.

But what is SleepCogni?

This is probably the most revolutionary invention regarding the quality of our sleep. It is a device that helps every person who suffers from insomnia to self-manage his condition and create an environment that will help his body and brain relax and fall asleep without any pills.

sleepcogniSleepCogni device.

It is designed by professionals and it integrates the behavioral and the cognitive sciences to treat your insomnia.

The first thing you should know is that our sleep is influenced by every aspect of our modern lives and the conditions we live and work in. Not just the hour before we go to bed counts, everything matters and if we don’t have a balanced life we are more prone to experience sleepless nights.

The stress we experience is probably the main cause of the insomnia, but other factors contribute as well, such as the exterior stimuli that wake us up, the artificial light, or using a smartphone or a laptop before bed. The light produced by these devices can disturb our biological clock and delay the sleep.

How does it work?

SleepCogni helps us through all of these. This device does the exact opposite of all these external factors that keep us awake. It doesn’t stimulate us, it desensitize us while we try to fall asleep and during the night. Using mathematical sequences of patterns, it produces sounds of opposite wavelengths than the ones that stimulate us. This means that the device will help our mind to unwind and disconnect from the stressful world, helping us regain balance and a healthy biorhythm.

The technology is very effective and this is proved even by the astronauts who use it to differentiate the night from the day and keep a normal and healthy biorhythm on the space stations.

The device is very accurate, because it is connected with a trigger that monitors some of your biological functions. It isn’t invasive, it is simple and effective and it can measure your skin temperature, your mental alertness and your heart rate. Using these factors, the device will be personalized for your needs and the program will be designed to help you fall asleep.

Further information visit or visit Their Kickstarter campaign to back them up!

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