Fight bed bugs with mattress & pillow protectors

You spend a third of your life sleeping so imagine how much time you spend lying down on the mattress and rest your head on your pillow. Mattresses and pillows are infected with millions of bed bugs and other infection spreading mites.

Invisible creatures

You cannot see them as they are invisible to the naked eye and but they live on your mattress and pillow as the warm environment found on the mattress provides the perfect living and breeding ground for these mites.

They spread all kinds of allergies and a breathing allergy like asthma has been associated with dust bites found on the mattress.

These parasites come out in the night, prey on their host (the sleeper) and then withdraw into the mattress and pillow leaving a scratchy sleeper who ends up with various allergies.

The best way to protect yourself from these harmful dust mites and bed bugs is to use mattress and pillow protectors.

These protectors will not solve the problem of the pillow and the mattress being infested with the mites but they can be prevented from coming into contact with humans.

Make sure these protection covers are the zippered type and also ensure the zips are zipped up tightly and they have small enough teeth to prevent any of these small sized mites from escaping.

When buying latex foam or memory foam protectors for your mattress make sure that it has interior polyurethane based membrane. This membrane serves two purposes.

Firstly it prevents the dust mites on the mattress from coming into contact with the sleeper and secondly it also protects the sleeper from mattress based allergies and skin infections. It is best to buy a zippered impermeable mattress protector for the best form of protection.

Some mattress protectors have a cover only on one side but some come with covers on every side. It is better to go in for a mattress protector of the latter kind as you can flip over the matters if you wish.

Pillow protectors are also important as bed bugs and dust mites can roll onto the pillow making it dangerous for you to rest your head and enjoy a good sleep.

Pillow protectors also come in zippered form and can be easily put on your pillow but make sure they fit tightly and are not from loosely woven fabric as the minute bed bugs can escape from lose fitting covers.

Mattress and pillow protectors have many advantages.

The first and very foremost advantage is the protection they offer from the pesky dust mites and bed bugs which are responsible for the contraction of many allergies. The other advantage these protectors offer is protection from memory foam chemical allergies. The chemicals in memory foam may interact negatively with the skin surface and produce certain allergies.

Protectors will help protect against such allergies.

Mattress and pillow protectors also elongate the life of the mattress by protecting it from spills and stains. The bedding material will also be subject to fewer amounts of wear and tear and the resulting damages.

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