Baby sleep problems

Baby sleep is one of the most common forms of parental problem. Many different solutions to baby sleep have been handed down from generation to generation. Each technique varies and it is worth considering all of these methods because no two babies are alike.

Different sleep methods

If one baby sleep method works on one infant then there is no guarantee it will work on another. This is why it is essential for all parents to consider all of the options instead of trying one or two techniques that may have been recommended to you by other parents or mothers.

While more traditional methods will always have their place and are often very successful you will find that modern technology has introduced complete new solutions.

Maybe your parents have told you the methods that worked on you that have been handed down through the family. These are fine to try and they are often quite successful due to genealogy. In other words what was successful on getting you to sleep as a child may also work just as well on your own children.

Parenting as a whole can be quite stressful and this is made worse if neither of you are getting the rest you need. It is natural for babies to sleep in small periods in the early days.

Fragile sleep

They can awaken with even the most trivial of movement or noise. This is far from ideal if the new born baby has to share a room with other children who do not yet understand the need for silence.

There are many things you can do yourself that may be an instant cure to your babies sleepless nights. Ensure that your baby is fed and relaxed before bedtime. Baby massage is a great habit to get into before bedtime.

Just after a bath is the best time. Make sure the babies sleeping garments are lose and free from labels that may itch or catch the skin. Ensure there are no drafts or direct light. It is just a matter of making the babies sleeping area a place that should be comfortable and relaxing.

That being said there will always be a small minority of babies that will always struggle to get a good nights sleep even after trying and implementing all the options available. In these rare cases it would be better to seek medical advice.

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