Children’s Snore Leading To Heart Disease

Apparently, snoring isn’t limited to adults. Doctor JC Suri, New Delhi doctor, claims that five percent of children between 2 and 18 have sleeping disorders.

Snoring is caused when air cannot fully moved through your nose, and kids have plenty of reasons for their snoring.

However, their medical conditions could untimely cause serious medical issues, including heart diseases. As parents, it’s your job to protect your child so understanding snoring and it’s health effects is very important.

Why Do Kids Snore?

Their snoring can be caused by their excessive tonsils and adenoid growth in their throat. But, it can also be caused by block nasal passages and airways which prevents your child from breathing properly during sleep. These include:
• Colds and sinus infections
• Seasonal, dirt or pet allergies
• Deviated septum
• Obesity

Effects Of Snoring In Kids

Much like how snoring is to adults, snoring can disrupt the child’s sleep. It also certainly prevents other family members from sleeping peacefully.
snoring child
If your child is a snorer, he/she might have an increased chance of being irritable, lacking concentration, changing attitude, difficulty learning, and increased aggressiveness.

Snoring Connected to Heart Disease

In addition to mental and dangerous conditions, it can also cause chronic heart disease. This also causes arrhythmia’s, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Those who snore, according to research, often have damaged carotid arteries—the lifelines carrying the oxygen-rich blood to a person’s brain. If those are thickened, then your heart will have to work harder to deliver oxygen.

Likewise, snoring is another form of sleep apnea. Kids with sleep apnea will stop breathing for a couple of times a night and their blood oxygen level will drop. Then, their heart will work harder to compensate.

How To Stop Kids From Snoring

If your child snores, tilt the mattress so that your child sleeps at an angle and rests his or her head higher than the rest of the body. Then, talk to your paediatrician.

He or she can examine the tonsils and adenoids to determine if they’re the culprit.

The doctor can also prescribe cold medication, order allergy tests or recommend a weight loss strategy if congestion, allergies or obesity factor into snoring. A sleep study may also be ordered as the doctor decides if your child suffers from sleep apnea.

No matter what the cause, snoring can be dangerous to your child’s health. Seek medical treatment or check out some snoring devices from companies like SnoreBore now as you prevent heart disease and other serious medical issues that may be the cause or eventually develop because of snoring.

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  1. Is it that the snoring is actually “leading to” future heart disease, or that there may be some issue that’s causing both the heart disease and the snoring? The problem here is that if it’s assumed that the snoring is somehow “causing” heart disease, then there may be a false sense of security that simply stopping the snoring will prevent that future issue. IMO, a doctor’s visit is in order. 🙂 Mel at

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