Latex vs Gel Foam Mattresses

Mattress shopping is a lengthy process. This is especially true if you aren’t completely aware of what kinds of mattresses are available for you or what each one has to offer. Two of the most popular types are latex and gel foam.

They may sound very similar, which is true, but they also have differences that could make or break your decision as to which one is best for you. Finding the proper mattress for you could be the difference between Latex

The core of latex mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree, making them all natural if they aren’t synthetically made. These are considered to be the best type of mattresses for back pain because of their ability to conform so well to the spine, creating proper spinal alignment. These are also ideal for those with allergies because the are naturally hypoallergenic.
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Gel foam mattresses aren’t usually naturally hypoallergenic unless they’re made from a specific type of foam or they have been processed differently.

Types Of Latex Mattresses

Before you go choosing any latex mattress, it’s best to know what kinds there are. An all latex mattress is completely made from that material, edge to edge. There are no other layers to it, it’s just all latex, whether synthetic, natural, blended, or dunlop. These are usually less common and way more expensive than the others types.

Latex over foam is a multilayer design that has a thin top layer of latex over a thick foam base. These are more readily available and cost less than complete latex mattresses. Don’t be worried about its ability to ease pain because of this, though. These types of beds have the joint pain and back pain reduction effect.

Foam over latex is just how it sounds. It’s a multi-layer design that features a thin memory foam layer on top of of a thicker latex base. These are great for those looking for good back support.

Overall, latex mattresses are rather expensive if you are looking for something hypoallergenic and natural. These do have fantastic pain relieving properties, however, unless they are made with airflow technology, they won’t keep you as cool as a gel foam mattress would.

Gel Foam

Gel foam mattresses tend to be more durable and comfortable than traditional memory foam mattresses. They are resistant to motion transfer, so when your partner moves around in their sleep or get in and out of bed, you’re less likely to feel it.

Gel foam mattresses are also much more breathable than memory foam mattresses and latex alike. They are usually made with micro-gel beads that keep your body temperature stable all night long. This means that you won’t overheat or wake up sweating like you would on some latex mattresses.

The gel beads promote better air circulation, dissipating the heat from your body instead of collecting it.

Gel memory foam mattresses also offer you a balanced support. It gives you a firm and comfortable sleeping surface without giving off a quicksand feeling, much like Latex. They also offer great pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Gel foam mattresses cradle the body so that these pressure points are relieved, something that traditional mattresses may make worse.

Overall, gel foam mattresses are much like latex in that they offer pressure relief and spinal alignment, however, they tend to offer more of a cooling factor than latex. They are also a little less expensive and if you’re on a budget, this is definitely the better option. These are also more readily available than completely natural latex mattresses.


Gel and latex mattresses both have their strong points. If you are one who doesn’t care for sleeping hot, a gel mattress would be an ideal fit for you. If you can get over the warm sleeping, or you just like to be warm throughout the night, go for latex.

No matter what you go with, just make sure that is the healthiest mattress for you. You can’t wake up refreshed in the morning on a mattress that twists your body all out of whack. Make sure you get the right firmness for your body and that your spine is properly aligned while you’re sleeping.

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