How to hypnotize yourself

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that we experience on a daily basis but are usually unaware of this fact.

Many people wonder whether self-hypnosis is possible and this is exactly what this article is about.

Almost everyone has been hypnotized before. For example when you watch a very interesting film you put all your focus on the show and thus hypnotize yourself for an hour or more as other things can’t bother you at that moment.

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What is hypnosis?
How can hypnosis help you?
Possible complications
Some facts about hypnosis
Inducing the hypnosis
Waking up / ending hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique with which we access our subconscious and is a way to communicate with our inner self. Hypnosis is sometimes used for therapy and for relaxation purposes. In this article we will describe in steps how to hypnotize yourself.

Can you hypnotize yourself? Yes you can! In this article we will describe the techniques on how to hypnotize yourself and wake up after that without worrying that something might go wrong. Because it can’t!

Can anything go wrong?

There are no known cases of physical or mental damage / problems when a person is / was hypnotized so you can relax and perform the hypnosis with no risk!

Some facts about hypnosis

People tend to confuse the facts when it comes to hypnosis. Before you read further, please note that:

  • Hypnosis is not the same as sleep, although the word hypnosis translates as “sleeping”. You are not asleep during the hypnosis!
  • During hypnosis you are in no way unconscious!
  • Hypnosis is not about controlling somebody’s mind. When under hypnosis you will not lose control over yourself and your actions.
  • Rest assured that you will not do anything that you do not want to do, even if in deep trance state. You are still in control of your actions.
  • Now that we have cleared some myths lets focus on how to hypnotize yourself successfully. Read on.

    Hypnosis is simply a very focused state of mind that makes you more alert and aware of suggestions and allows you to be more receptive to suggestions.

    Steps on how to hypnotize yourself

    First of all, we will start by inducing a light trance and then move on to a deeper state of hypnosis. You can induce hypnosis in many ways (even the famous dangling watch may work for you).

    We will focus on a simple induction technique intended to reduce tension and stress.

    Are you eager to get to know how to hypnotize yourself? Hypnotize yourself following these simple steps:

    1. Find a comfortable room. The room should be quiet and dimly lit. Make sure you will not be interrupted during the process.

    Try to relax as much as you can. You can take off your shoes and wear lose clothes or clothes you are very comfortable in.

    You can either sit, lie down or stand on both feet during hypnosis. While lying on bed is the most comfortable position there is a great chance you may fall asleep while under trance.

    2. Find a small object / item across the room. Focus on it. The object can be anything — a picture or a crack in the wall. Just make sure it is big enough so you will not lose focus of it.

    3. As you are staring at the object, silently repeat to yourself that your eyelids are becoming heavy and that you can’t have your eyes opened any more.

    Repeat these words every half a minute.

    4. Focus on your eyelids. Soon you will start to feel that your eyelids are really feeling heavier. At some point, your eye will close slowly. Let that happen and do not fight the feeling.

    5. As your eyes are closing just think of something really nice and say to yourself: “Relax, this is right!”

    6. Now when your eyes are close, take in a deep breath and hold your breath for about few seconds.

    7. After few seconds, slowly breathe out while making a “swooshing” sound. Continue to breathe slowly and smoothly. Every time while you breathe out, silently say the word “peace” or any other relaxing word, to yourself.

    You are now in state of mild hypnosis.

    At this point you can maintain this state by breathing in and out very slowly and focusing on relaxing words. You can wake up from this state any time you want. You only need to wish for this to happen and it will happen.

    You can now enter a deeper state of hypnosis if you wish and willing.

    1. Take a deep breath and hold it for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process a few times.

    2. Imagine that you are walking down the stairs very very slowly. Every step is another breathe in and breathe out.

    As you begin your journey downstairs, talk to yourself and repeat the following: “I am slowly moving into a deeper state of relaxation.”

    3. As you take the stairs down, count every stair while counting from 10 to 1 with each exhale. When you reach number 1 you have reached the bottom of the stairs. Continue the descent and imagine that you take another stairs down.

    4. Continue to deepen your state of hypnosis to the point that you feel that you have reached a comfortable level of relaxation and peace. Some people need to only take one stairs, others may need to walk more staircases to reach a deeper state of hypnosis.

    You are now in deeper state of hypnosis.

    You have successfully hypnotize yourself! Enjoy this feeling as long as you want. Feel the relaxation and calm that surrounds you. Get rid of stress, clear your thoughts.

    In which aspects of your life can hypnosis help you?

    Where is hypnosis useful? In which aspects of your life can hypnosis help you? Practicing hypnosis is known to improve the following:

  • improving sports results,
  • insomnia,
  • quitting addictions like smoking etc,
  • learning,
  • overcoming stress, depression, phobias, fears, anger, sadness, …,
  • public appearances,
  • raising the immune system and improve health,
  • raising awareness and deepening meditation,
  • self-confidence and self-esteem,
  • weight loss and weight management,
  • family therapy,
  • improving memory,
  • relations,
  • emotional reactions and responses,
  • work and creativity.
  • You can do all that if you repeat the positive words to yourself while you are in state of self-hypnosis. Some of these positive words are:

  • I am a very self-confident person.
  • I always feel good about myself.
  • I am the winner.
  • My self-esteem and good self-image improve daily.
  • I can handle all situations well.
  • Every day I’m getting better and better.
  • I do not need to smoke. I can control myself!
  • I feel good about myself and about my accomplishments.
  • I always think positively.
  • My memory is getting better and better every day.
  • Since we have only described how to use self-hypnosis to relax in get rid of stress you should consult a professional if your intent is to use self-hypnosis for other purposes like overcoming smoking, eating disorders, sleep problems (like insomnia) and other problems and disorders.

    Waking up / ending self hypnosis

    It is important to note, as already mentioned above, that hypnosis does not mean sleeping and thus there is no need to “wake up” from hypnosis. We rather say that you end the hypnosis.

    There has been no case of people that could not wake up / end the hypnosis, so do not worry at all.

    If you followed the above steps to hypnotize yourself and was successful you might wonder how to end the hypnosis and return to normal state.

    Basically, ending self-hypnosis is very simple. Here is what to do to end the hypnosis. Pick the number (either five or ten) and count backwards towards 1. When you reach number 1, hypnosis will end. While you are counting backwards say to yourself:”When I reach the last number, I will open my eyes and feel fresh, awake and in control!”.


    Hypnosis (and self-hypnosis) is a perfectly safe way of dealing with problems. It is totally pain free and not dangerous. It will also not cause any side effects. The only thing with hypnosis is that you need to believe in it. If you do not believe that hypnosis will help you than it will not.

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