How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Some people are able to do everything right when it comes to waking up on time.

They go to bed early and somehow their internal body clock wakes them up on time every day. For most people, going to sleep on time, is a struggle.

There are five simple ways to help you sleep better and wake up on time.

Charge Your Electronic Devices in the Living Room

Many people have a tech toy charging station in their bedrooms. Charging multiple devices at night is one way to be productive, but it does not help you relax or sleep. According to sleep specialist Philip Gehram, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, your brain needs to know when you’re in bed.

If you have multiple devices chirping, chiming and ringing during the night that’s not possible. So, charge the devices in another room or put them in silent mode.


There are a number of different supplements that can help people with sleep. Why not consider trying something along the lines of jasmine – it’s been said to aid sleep for thousands of years. Kratom is also renowned as a sleep aid and worth a try.

Stay Cool

If you think it’s too hot, but your partner think’s it’s too cold, setting your thermostat may be a problem. According to Gehram, it’s harder to cool off. You may need extra blankets and but your partner may need to set the thermostat to a lower temperature.

You can also invest in a dual-weight comforter, so each of you can stay cool at night.

Go Mattress Shopping

A new mattress is well worth the price you’ll pay for it. According to studies, about 47 percent of people lose at least 3 hours of sleep every week, due to their partner’s tossing, turning, snoring and insomnia.

A new mattress can help if your partner’s restless sleep keeps you awake, according to Gehram. Your new mattress should be large enough to give each of you space and stable enough to keep your partner’s movements from disrupting your sleep.

Sleep Sideways

You can get a good night’s sleep, even if your partner is a cuddler. The classic spoon position gives you both lots of bodily contact while allowing you to relax and sleep. This position may also have other benefits.

Sleep expert and chiropractor Jodi Fidler says that the spoon position has been shown to lower stress and increase intimacy if you are sleeping on a good quality mattress and pillow.

Buy an Old-School Clock

Your digital clock may be keeping you awake. The glowing digital display can increase your stress levels and make it difficult to sleep. So, instead of a brightly lit digital clock, look for an old-fashioned clock with hands. When your lights go out at night, you can’t peek at your clock to quickly tell what time it is.

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